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 addString, StringManager
 assignString, SharedString
 bytesUsed, StringManager
 c_str, SharedString
 ciEqual, SharedString
 Constructor, HashTable
 Constructor for C-style strings, SharedString
 Copy constructor, SharedString
 countRefs, StringManager
 Default constructor, SharedString
 Destructor, SharedString
 dumpTable, StringManager
 getEntry, StringManager
 length, SharedString
 numStrings, StringManager
 prepareEntry, StringManager
 rehash, HashTable
 str, SharedString
 unrefEntry, StringManager
const std::string * addString(const std::string &str)
Add a string reference to the manager.
void assignString(const std::string &newstr)
Registers a string with the shared string table.
virtual size_t bytesUsed() const = 0
Return how many bytes are used by the shared string manager.
inline const char * c_str() const
Returns a 0-terminated C-style string.
inline bool ciEqual(const SharedString &rhs) const
Test for case-insensitive equality against /rhs/.
Construct a new hash table implementation of the shared string manager.
Initializes shared string to /str/.
Initialize a shared string to the value of /rhs/.
size_t countRefs(const std::string &str) const
Count the number of times a string is referenced.
Initializes shared string to /str/; defaults to the empty string if no string is specified.
void deleteString()
Unregisters the string with the manager.
void deleteString(const std::string &str)
Remove a string reference from the manager.
Unregisters the string’s value with the manager.
virtual void dumpTable(std::ostream &os) const = 0
Dump the shared string table to an output stream.
virtual const SharedStringEntry * getEntry(const std::string &str) const = 0
Get an entry in the shared string table.
inline typename SharedString<ManagerWrapper>::size_type length() const
Get the length of the stored string.
size_t numStrings() const
Returns the number of unique strings in the table.
virtual SharedStringEntry * prepareEntry(const std::string &str) = 0
Get an entry in the table for a given string, creating if necessary.
void rehash(size_t newSize)
Resize the array of buckets, and rehash all table contents into the new buckets.
inline const std::string & str() const
Returns a constant reference to the string’s value.
virtual bool unrefEntry(const std::string &str) = 0
Decrease the reference count of a shared string.