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David Haley

Hi. My name's David C. Haley; welcome to my little corner of the web. I'm currently a 5th-year student at Stanford University (CA, USA) pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor's of Arts in Philosophy; I am also a co-terminal student in the Master's of Science program, again in Computer Science.

My interests in computer science are mainly in logic and artificial intelligence. I'm writing my thesis on general game playing with the Stanford Logic Group: here's some stuff I've written about my work. In philosophy, I started out very interested in ethics and the related questions of political philosophy, but as time goes by I find myself working more with logic and questions related to AI (pretty much by the force of things). Philosophy has been a very enriching experience and the variation has helped me stay sane. :-)

I'm fairly involved in the online MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) community. I am the head coder for the MUD Legends of the Darkstone; it's been around since 1996 and I've been coder since about 2001. I am a forum regular at the MUSHClient forums (run by Nick Gammon). More recently, I have gotten involved with the SmaugFUSS project. I am currently trying to drum up interest and personally spearhead a modernizing rewrite of the codebase, or perhaps the writing of a whole new codebase as part of the BabbleMUD project.


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