Shared String Library

Hi, welcome to the (very minimal) web page for my C++ shared string library. This library is licensed under a modified BSD license.

The current version of the library is 0.9f. It is a beta version: it all should work, but please report any issues to me. It also needs better/more complete documentation.

Download here: http://david.the-haleys.org/downloads/shared-str-0.9.f.tgz

View the documentation.

See the release notes.

The future plans are:

  • write functions to generate statistics on hash table, to help tune the hash function and examine memory usage
  • optimize memory usage of hash table; probably using straight C arrays or linked lists instead of the STL linked list. Or, if the usage analysis shows need for it, replace the buckets with binary trees instead of arrays.
  • add more "pass-through" methods to the std::string, e.g. substr, find and replace.


Release history:

  • 2006-Mar-19: Version 0.9f
  • 2006-Mar-04: Version 0.9e
  • 2006-Mar-02: Version 0.9d
  • 2005-Jun-22: Version 0.9c
  • 2005-Jun-14: Version 0.9b
  • 2005-Feb-27: Version 0.9
  • (release notes)

Last update: 2006-mar-19

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